It all started when I was detained by a State Trooper deep in the American heartland... 

At the time the band decided it was time for a collective hiatus, my family & I were still rebounding in the wake of our cancer recovery. I was in a personal and musical pit unsure of what I wanted to do next when I received an invitation to tour solo into the US. It was something to hold onto and on a whim took it up to see where I landed.” 

Driving late through Missouri my rear view mirror filled with flashing lights followed by the command to get out of the car...

I was taken into the patrol car while the Trooper ran my licence and checked my visa. After a tense few minutes we got talking about music, family and the chaos of the U.S election campaign that rang out across the small broken towns he patrolled.  

Fifty minutes later I walked free from the patrol vehicle clearer on my next step ahead. It was a surreal experience sitting on the other side of the world swapping stories of unfulfilled dreams and new beginnings with an officer of the law. Somehow that conversation helped me understand where I wanted to go next giving me the confidence to step forward and not look back. 

The Trooper let me off with a warning, with a final piece of advice. As I stepped from the car I thanked him, he looked me square in the eye and said, “It’s okay son, ride on.”

This next step with my music lwas made possible though the generosity, energy and support of my family and long-time friend and producer Nick Huggins (Jen Cloher, Kid Sam). Between surfs we uncovered a new sonic landscape for my songwriting to inhabit and I am looking forward to sharing what we made in the back shed over the coming months.

I recorded 'Ride On live with guest appearances from wonderfully talented  artists  Hollie Joyce, Chris Bolton (Seagull), Jess Elwood and Nick Huggins.  They helped me channel the spirit of release I found that night in the middle of Missouri as I stepped out of the Trooper’s car a free man.

Thank-you to Craig Johnston, Nick huggins & Steve Mitchell for the photos & working with me on the art. Legends!

Aus East Coast Single Tour

Leadbellys, Sydney
Wednesday 18th April w/ The Maes

Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall, Brisbane
Sunday 22nd April w/ The Maes

Melbourne Recital Centre
Saturday 28th April - 7pm
Tickets available here.

Portland Arts Centre, Victoria
Friday 11th May

I am looking forward to sharing this next step of the journey with you all and hope to see you at one of the shows. Thank you of listening.